TENS and K7 (TMJD Management)

Modern Gneuromuscular Dentistry utilizes Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) TENS therapy to relax the muscles of your head and neck and then measures muscle activity, jaw movements, and joint sounds with the Myotronics K7 Jaw Tracking Technology.


TENS Unit  (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an ultra-low frequency machine used to relax the facial muscles. The TENS unit electronically massages the muscles of the head and neck. During the 45-60 minutes relaxation phase, blood is once again allowed to flow through the fatigued muscles. As the blood flow increases, it brings oxygen, ATP (the energy molecule our body uses) as well as other nutrients. It also assists in removing toxins such as lactic acid which have built up, resulting in pain and poor function.

K7The Myotronics K7 is a computerized diagnostic tool that tracks the position of the jaw both at rest and in motion. The K7 Evaluation System, one of the most significant tools on Gneuromuscular Dentistry, is used to locate, within tenths of a millimeter, the proper position of the jaw so that your teeth function in the most relaxed and efficient position possible.