Not too long ago, most advanced or sophisticated dental clinics were usually found in the city centres or upmarket areas such as Orchard Road.

Not anymore.



DP Dental is probably among the first advanced dental clinic set-ups that are based in the heartlands. Located at Heartland Mall in Hougang (near Kovan MRT station), the dental practice exudes the class and confidence of a modern dental clinic.

Yet the practice still retains its heartland character with its warmth and convenient location. After all, its Mandarin name is “Cheng Xin Ya Ke 诚芯牙科”, which translates into “Honest Dentistry Straight from the Heart”. It also observes patient friendly opening hours, operating weekday nights and on Sundays too.

Dr Yue Weng Cheu, clinical director of DP Dental, practices together with two other associate dental surgeons, Drs Loh Ee Tyug and Jolene Lau. DP Dental is also one of the few private practices in Singapore to have an oral health therapist Ms Faye Fu Xiao on the team. In addition, it has a team of more than 10 support staff.

“We are progressive practitioners of advanced dentistry,” said Dr Yue. “Our doctors constantly upgrade themselves through local and overseas courses. We also use technology to give us the extra edge in diagnostic and therapeutic management of our patients.”


One noticeable feature of the clinic is the iMacs that are present in each of the four treatment rooms. “We use digital camera to take photo records of the teeth and, along with the digital x-rays, present them on the computer screens during consultation sessions. Our emphasis is on patient education and it is through helping patients understand their dental conditions that we can achieve greater success in maintaining and improving oral health,” commented Dr Yue.


It is also a routine practice at DP Dental for patients to be screened for caries using the DIAGNOdent. Through the use of a harmless laser beam, small subsurface decays are identified and treated before they turn into larger issues that require more complicated procedures.


Lasers can also be used for full-mouth disinfection. Using another sophisticated laser machine called the Key 3 laser that detects and removes deposits on the tooth surface automatically. During periodontal treatment with auto detection, the laser activity focuses only on affected areas and leave the healthy root surfaces untouched.


One-visit porcelain fillings and crowns are now possible at DP Dental, thanks to the CEREC 3D technology. This sophisticated CAD-CAM system captures an image and renders the 3D form of the tooth. It then directs the milling of the porcelain into the final restoration.


As Dr Yue elaborated, “We can now complete a porcelain restoration in less that two hours. Patients used to wait two weeks for it – the time saving is tremendous!”


“Technology has helped us to improve our diagnostic accuracy, provide objective evaluations and achieve optimal results. This provides assurance to our patients and has translated to high level of treatment satisfaction.”


Providing advanced dentistry in the heartlands with a sophisticated dental practice could soon be a trend among dental practices who foresee growth in consumers who are demanding a higher level of service. DP Dental has been bold enough to trend this path, and has been aptly rewarded.