Our History and Statement of Purpose

DP Dental Clinic

Dr Yue Weng Cheu and his wife Louisa Yue took over an existing practice that Dr Yue had been working in since 2004 and renamed it as DP Dental in 2006. It was originally started as a practice with two rooms and one dental chair, which soon after it was expanded to two chairs and four chairs practice in 2007.

In 2014, DP Dental underwent major expansion and renovation at the same location but double in size and now we have six dental chairs with more facilities. We have a team of 8 clinicians with a support team of 22 people, all this happened in just eight years.

Our practice, among its state-of-the-art technology, has a reputation for staying abreast with the latest dental innovations. DP Dental seeks to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. In the instance of crowning for example: Crowning is a process of cutting away teeth and providing a cap, however, there are other approaches (inlays and onlays) that are more conservative in approach.

Our practice also focuses on using digital photos to educate patients on their oral health status. DP Dental is more than just business. It carries a distinct ideology; a commitment to service, excellence and being pioneers in their field. Among our futuristic setup of lasers and three-dimensional scanners, is a passion to help, to really look into how the human body works and how oral health plays an overall part in it, with honesty and heart. Louisa and Dr Yue regularly fly around the world to attend courses and apply the latest scientific thinking to DP Dental.

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Our Statement of Purpose

We believe in a future where oral healthcare is practiced as an integral part of whole body wellness. To achieve this we are building a regional practice centred in Singapore which will pioneer the application of, and training in, using the latest technology to advance our core values of being patient-centred and being minimally invasive. We aim to practice optimal dentistry at the centre of an integrated network of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals. We will provide the latest in management of oral health with minimal intervention and sustainable outcomes with proper consideration to total body system, working at treatment, prevention and maintenance through continual education, of ourselves and our patients.