Myofunctional Therapy-related Treatment [MYOBRACE System ™]m


From 2-6 years of age onward, children are growing most rapidly and can show signs of an incorrect bite and misaligned first teeth.

Modern research has shown that crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development and other orthodontic problems are not caused by big teeth in small jaws or hereditary factors but instead; the real cause could be Incorrect Myofunctional habits as follow:

Limitation of Traditional Orthodontic methods:

Most orthodontic problems, particularly crowded teeth and an underdeveloped lower jaw, are caused by habits such as mouth breathing and tongue thrusting. If these habits are not corrected, treatment time and the necessity for retainers will be increased.

Once the braces are removed the teeth can crowd up again (known as relapse). Relapse can occur even with the best retainers. It is important to be better informed about the advantages and disadvantages of braces. This is why treatment with braces alone commonly results in the need for life-long retainers.


Other benefits of Myofunctional Therapy (using the Myobrace System):

As well as improving the alignment of the teeth, breathing through your nose can also lead to improved overall health. Breathing through your mouth does not offer any form of filter for the air entering your throat and lungs; and potentially allows germs and bacteria to enter. Breathing through your nose allows the nose to act as a natural filter for the throat and lungs, filtering out some of the daily germs and bacteria that you are exposed to. This can help to lessen the occurrence of asthma and allergies.


How does Myobrace treatment work?

Treatment involves a series of removable dental appliances - Myobrace trainers which are to be worn daily for at least 1-2 hours and overnight while sleeping.

Use of the Myobrace combined with structured Myobrace Activities™ aims in obtaining correct nose breathing, retraining the oral-facial musculature and assisting in guiding the erupting teeth.

These improved functions will then lead to optimal facial growth, naturally straight teeth and healthier smile.

Treatment objectives:

  • Training patient to breathe through the nose which is essential for proper cranio-facial development and general health and well-being. 
  • Training the tongue to sit in the correct position for correct jaws growth
  • Correcting swallowing patterns to allow for front teeth to develop correctly
  • Imparting light forces to expand the jaws and straighten teeth

If you have a child with misaligned teeth/bite/ mouth breathing issues, please contact us at (+65) 6282 0122 for further information and assistance.

Our dedicated doctors at DP Dental are trained and certified in Myofunctional treatment to help your child prevent or resolve Orthodontic issues.