Dr Yue Weng Cheu is the Clinical Director of DP Dental. The focus of his dental team is to provide comprehensive family care, emphasizing on patient comfort as well as high standard in delivery of advanced dental care and services. 
He believes that all patients deserve the latest in management of oral health with minimal intervention and sustainable outcomes. It should be done with proper consideration to total body system. He spares no effort and resources in acquiring the technology and knowledge. He strives to make that accessible in a safe and professional environment for the best interest of the patients.
Quoting his mentor, Clayton Chan, DDS
"I remain a "General Dentist', purposely not specialising in any particular area of dentistry, which would limit my scope of care and ability to treat my patients comprehensively."
With great emphasis on continuing professional education, Dr Yue has relentlessly pursued personal growth through his post graduate studies.

■ Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College
  of Dental Surgeons, FRACDS (Australia)
■ Certificate in Oral Implantology, COI 
  JW Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main
■ International Society of
  Computerized Dentistry (ISCD)
  Certified CEREC Instructor - 
  Certification 2010 (Paris), 2012 (Istanbul)
■ Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental
  Faculties at the Royal College of
  Surgeons of England (MJDF RCS Eng)
Dr Yue has received training in multiple disciplines, both locally and overseas, so as to provide wide-ranging and integrated treatment for patients under his care. 
He has enrolled in a Neuromuscular Dentistry programme in 2005. He journeyed in 2006 to the USA to participate in an advanced live-patient programme in Aesthetic Adhesives which covered updated strict protocols for provision of tooth-coloured fillings and porcelain inlay/onlay and crown. The training took on an advanced level in 2011 when he attended OcclusionConnections in USA under the tutelage of DR Clayton Chan on the latest protocol of Bite Management for TMD. With the application of Gneuromuscular Dentistry, Dr Yue now performs pain management for patients with TMJ issues and reduces damaging effects for Sleep Bruxers or grinders. He is also one of the few dentists in the world to have completed the full curriculum by OcclusionConnections for TMD Pain Management. He is honoured to be an appointed visiting TMD expert for one of the largest dental clinic in Cambodia.
With the integration of CAD-CAM technology in 2008, he has been providing porcelain restorations or crowns in one visit using CEREC 3D system. Dr Yue is one of the few accredited trainers of this advanced system in Singapore. DP Dental is equipped with the lastest system, the CEREC Omnicam from SIRONA (Germany) to take advantage of the improved workflow from the upgraded software and hardware in generating indirect porcelain restorations for our patients. This treatment shortens the time for a crown treatment from the typical 1-2 weeks with lab support to 2-4 hrs in one visit. CEREC treatment allows for accurate customisation of dental restorations for the patients using monolithic adhesively bonded material that are proven to last in many international long term studies. He is also trained under Dr Pascal Magne on the advanced system of adhesive bonding and biomimetics. This complements the provision of all indirect and direct restorations in the strictest manner.
His interest in implant dentistry began in 2001 with a trip to Germany, birth-place of many leading implant systems in the world. Many more learning trips followed, bringing him to Germany, France, Korea and Taiwan for sharing sessions at chairside and lectures with experienced practitioners. Dr Yue completed the certification programme from Frankfurt University and attained his Certificate of Implantology in 2010. He subsequently was elected Fellow to the International Congress of Implantologists in 2011. Dr Yue has also pioneered the use of Laser for implantology. The placement of implant is now performed with good precision using 3D xray surgical planning software and the application of minimally invasive technique of laser treatment. Most cases were completed without the use of drills and with patients highlighting uneventful healing with less or no pain. 
Dr Yue started using laser in 2008 for dental therapy. It was published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology that Er:YAG lasers have good prospect in providing treatment for gum diseases. He has successfully applied the protocol to his patients attaining stable results. He has also lectured on Laser Dentistry and conducted hands-on workshop. He is currently running a Clinical Digital Photography Course for participants of the College of General Dental Practitioners' Orthodontic Course. 
Being one of the earliest accredited dentists for Invisalign in Singapore, he has accumulated valuable treatment experience in using this advanced digital tooth movement system. He is also trained in conventional orthodontic treatment by Dr Kenneth Lew and also finished the complete modules on orthopedic orthodontics by Dr Clayton Chan. The understanding of bite management and airway management has allow him to provide early childhood interventive treatment for correction of bite problem and related issues on breathing and posture. He is a strong believer of myofunctional therapy and promotes non-extraction therapies for orthodontics. DP Dental has been certified Invisalign providers since 2006 by Invisalign Southeast Asia in 2013 in recognition for being one of the top providers of the system in Singapore.
He read for his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from 1995 to 1999. He was elected Class Representative and was on the Dean's List in his first year of studies. He was elected President of the NUS Dental Society and Dental Club in his third year. In the same year, he won the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Scholarship Award and was on a student exchange programme to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California, USA. 
Dr Yue is blissfully married to Louisa and has two adorable boys, Sean and Shea.
    The Royal Australasian College of Dental
    Surgeon, FRACDS
    International Congress of Oral
    Implantologists, FICOI
    International College of Dentists, FICD
    of Membership of the Joint Dental
    Faculties, the Royal College of Surgeons
    of England, MJDF RCSEng
    Oral Implantology, COI
    JW-Goethe University of 
    Frankfurt am Maine, Germany
    CEREC, ISCD Certified
Member of
    Singapore Dental Association
    College of General Practitioners
    Aesthetic Dentistry Society (Singapore)
    Prosthodontic Society (Singapore)
    Faculty of General Dental Practitioners
    The Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation
    Annual Scholarship Award
    Loma Linda University School of Dentistry,
    Student Exchange Programme
    Dean’s List
    Wrigley Company Book Prize,
    Best in Biochemistry
    President, Dental Society and
    NUS Dental Club
Languages:   English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese Dialects
    National University of Singapore, 
    Faculty of Dentistry -
    General Practice Management Course
    For Graduating Dentists
    JW-Goethe University of Frankfurt am Maine
    Certificate of Implantology,
    China and Singapore Programme -
    Digital Photography and Laser Applications
    Universiti Sains Malaysia & Malaysian
    Prosthodontics Association -
    Intergrating Advanced Technology into
    Everydays' Practice
    Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry & 
    Indonesian Dental Association Joint Forum
    Jakarta - Conventional, Aesthetic &
    Interdisplinary Treatment with
    Advanced Technology
    Prosthodontics Society Singapore -
    CAM-CAD Dental Applications
    College of General Dental Practitioners
    Singapore & Society of Japan Clinical
    Dentistry -
    Asian Symposium on Advanced
    General Dental Practice 
    Singapore - Laser Denti

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    The Intregration of Esthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry -
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