MD Louisa Yue

Serial Entrepreneur. Congruent Leader. Progressive Practitioner. Change Advocate. Author. Speaker. Coach. Consultant.

Louisa Yue is a serial entrepreneur whose passion for learning and teaching has led her to where she is today. She read English, Literature and Philosophy at the National University of Singapore, graduating with an Honors (Second Upp) in English. She then pursued a Masters in Linguistics from UCL and became an educator after that in a top girls’ school in Singapore. She started and has since sold two other businesses while joining her husband Dr Yue Weng Cheu to purchase and run DP Dental in 2006. 

What started as a small practice with one dental chair has since grown to a six-chair practice with a team of close to 30 people in 10 years. Together, they have created a unique, fully-integrated, boutique practice, complete with some of the most progressive equipment and knowledge in dentistry. They serve clients who fly in from all over the world to experience this integrative and functional approach to healthcare. 

As the Managing Director of DP Dental, Louisa strongly believes in honest dentistry with a heart and that businesses should run accordingly. The Mandarin name for the practice 诚芯牙科, translates this perfectly. Strong ethics and values shape and define her personality and work culture as the practice only hires those who have a great attitude and an open mind for learning. Louisa travels the world with her husband seeking more knowledge on cutting-edge procedures and equipment as well as ways to remain completely modern and progressive in Singapore.

She and Dr Yue are adamant that they are the early adopters in technology, be it through machinery or practice. This applies to management ideologies too. She believes that being a congruent entrepreneur is the key and hence they are progressive in all aspects of the business. In addition to technology, Louisa’s other main focus is building a holistic practice similar to Functional Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the root cause is looked at, rather than just at the areas where the signs and symptoms surface. 

She is currently also Director of Dental ED South East Asia, providing cutting-edge, high quality education for dentists in the region. She recently founded Progressive Practice. She believes in congruent leadership rooted in strong core values, and apart from being a speaker, coach and consultant, she is also an author. Her book "Progressive Practice: Disrupt yourself before others do" will be launched in 2017, and is an amalgamation of her expertise in healthcare management with her passion in education. She is an active thought leader and change advocate in the areas of reforming Healthcare and Education. 

A strong supporter of philanthropy and CSR, she sits on the advisory board of Imagine Cambodia Foundation to raise funds for the home housing orphans or children from disadvantaged background. DP Dental has also been working in close partnership with B1G1 since 2010 as she firmly believes that every business she is involved in has to be a business involved also in the Business of Giving.



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