Kendray Lau

Business Operations & Practice Manager

Kendray Lau received his degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) with University of Newcastle, Australia.

Before joining DP Dental, he has had 7 years of work experience in Equipment Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Project Management.

Kendray joined DP Dental in Feb 2014 and he is happy to find himself a place where everyone works together as a Team, and like a family.

Kendray is known for his ability to go beyond his usual job scope and being "the man to go to" for many issues around the clinic.




He is currently taking care of many aspects of DP Dental, namely:
- Business Operations

- Coaching and People Development

- Finance
- Manpower and Schedule Planning
- IT Management
- Equipment Repair and Maintenance
- Facilities Management
- Improvement Projects

- Internal audit




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