Pam Toh

Marketing and Design Executive

Pam Toh has a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication Arts and Design). She has various working experience in many different industries in Thailand and Singapore.

Before joining DP Dental, she had 5 years of work experiences in Marketing and Online Strategic Planning.

She joined DP Dental in 2015 and her initial role was an Executive PA to Managing Director. Her roles at DP Dental has changed rapidly over the first few months. As she has strong knowledge in marketing and design from her past work experiences, now her main roles are in marketing and graphic design field where she designs the company's media materials such as DP Dental thank you cards, birthday cards, Facebook post visuals, company banner, etc. Besides design work, she also plans the marketing strategy and organizes events for DP Dental.

She enjoys working as a team and is also able to work well as an individual. She aims to use her gained knowledge and skills to improve the marketing projects for the practice.

She is a friendly and easygoing person from Thailand. She knows many Singaporeans (such as colleagues, friends, and family) and is able to get along and adapt in her daily life to the multi-rational culture in all matters and situations in Singapore.

She is bilingual in both English and Thai, and she is always eager to learn more about Chinese language.

In her free time, she is always spending quality time with her baby, family and friends, enjoys watching English movies to gain more language skill, exploring new design skills., enjoys cooking Thai food and doing DIY handicrafts items.