Post Extraction Instructions

  1. BITE FIRMLY on the gauze over the wound for at least 30 minutes in order to stop the bleeding. 
  2. DO NOT RINSE your mouth vigorously for the next 1 hour. If possible, swallow your saliva or spit it out. 
  3. AVOID smoking, strenuous exercise or hot spicy food with chili seeds and flakes. 
  4. AVOID sucking or irritating the wound. 
  5. If bleeding persists, place a piece of gauze over the wound and bite firmly for another 20-30 minutes. 
  6. Take the medications as instructed. If any antibiotics had been prescribed, please complete the entire course. 
  7. To avoid too much pain and discomfort please take your medications immediately after reaching home. 
  8. Should you feel unwell after taking the medications, STOP medication immediately and contact your dentist. 
  9. You may experience some difficulty in opening your mouth. Do not force open your mouth as it will retard the wound healing. This problem should go away after a few days. 
  10. Swelling and bruising may occur over the cheek where the operation site is located. Please do not be alarmed, as it will go away after a few days too. 
  11. GOOD ORAL HYGIENE is very important after the removal of the tooth for a faster and uneventful healing. 
  12. Continue to brush your teeth as usual but lightly and carefully over the surgical site. 
  13. Please do not panic should you see some blood. It is normal to experience a little bleeding after any surgery. Just follow the above instructions and everything will be under control. Should any emergency arise, please call the attending dentist immediately or go to the emergency department of any hospital.