Lip and Tongue Tie in Adults

For adults lip and tongue tie may effects very much the result of old habits of compensation for inadequate tongue mobility. The areas of difficulty spread to include social and domestic situations, self-esteem, the work environment, and dental health.  Thus it is seen that the consequences of unrepaired tongue tie do not reduce with time – instead, more difficulties are experienced as time passes.

Here are the common sign and symptoms for lip and


Here are common benefits of releasing lip and tongue ties for adults

  • Better tongue movement 
  • More tongue relaxation 
  • The tongue resting on the proper spot on the palate
  • Better facial symmetry in the cheeks, nose, mouth or eyes 
  • Less teeth grinding 
  • Improved sleep quality 
  • More relaxation and openness in the throat area 
  • Less chest tension 
  • Better neck and better posture 
  • Reduction of Dowager’s hump 
  • Less tension around the base of the skull 
  • Changes to ease of swallow 
  • Less back pain 
  • Decreased anxiety 


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