Inman Aligner Instructions and Care

Cleaning your Inman Aligner

Your Inman Aligner was custom hand made especially for you. It is a very complex and innovative appliance that uses two or four piston like components (depending on design) to generate corrective orthodontic forces.

It is very important to keep the appliance clean so these pistons will function correctly. The best way to clean the appliance is to use and ultrasonic cleaner and a gentle cleaning solution such as Retainer Brite.

You may also use a retainer or denture cleaner found at your local store (follow product instructions) and a soft toothbrush.


Important Tips:

  1. Store your Inman Aligner in the provided case when it is not in your mouth.
  2. Clean the Aligner daily using a safe cleaner and method.
  3. Wear the Aligner every day as per your doctor's instructions.
  4. Always use your fingers to place the appliance in your mouth, never use your teeth to "bite" the appliance into place. Using your teeth will lead to distortion or breakage of your Inman Aligner.

Avoid the Following:

  1. Never expose your Aligner to heat; heat will distort the appliance and it will not fit correctly.
  2. Never boil it to clean or sterilize the Inman Aligner.
  3. Never leave the appliance in your car when it is hot outside.
  4. Never wrap it in a napkin, when you take the Aligner out to eat. You risk losing it or throwing it away, not realizing that you left the Aligner in the napkin.