How often must the aligners be changed and worn?

  • Wear your aligners 22 hours a day for best result.
  • Change your aligners every 7-14 days as prescribed by our doctors; begin a new set at NIGHT for maximum mechanical potential and comfort.
  • NEVER move ahead to the next aligner if the current set is not seating well! 
  • Use your aligner chewie as much as possible whenever you put on a new aligner, especially in the first 3 days. Please bite and hold the aligner chewie for 8-10 secs. Chewies should be changed when they turn soft or dirty.
  • Remove only during mealtime and cleaning.

Are there restrictions on what I can eat while in treatment?

  • No. Unlike traditional wires and brackets, you can eat whatever you like while in treatment because you remove your aligners to eat and drink.
  • You need to brush and floss after each meal before reinserting your aligners for proper hygiene.
  • You can drink most beverages when wearing your aligners, but please refrain from frequent sugary drinks as they will collect in the aligner and damage your teeth
  • Aligners, when not worn, must be kept in the case/box; DO NOT wrap in tissue in case they get thrown away accidentally.

How do I care for my aligners?

  • Always brush your teeth after each meal and prior to reinserting your aligners.
  • Clean aligner with toothbrush, toothpaste, and/or white vinegar if build up is seen. DO NOT run aligners in dishwasher!
  • DO NOT WASH OR SOAK ALIGNERS IN HOT WATER (use lukewarm water as warm as your body temperature if you feel the need to).

Other important notes:

  • When you travel, always bring your aligner along 
  • NEVER throw away old aligners (you can fall back on them in case you lose the current aligner) 
  • Expect increased mobility and discomfort (mild painkiller can be taken if necessary) for about 1 week or less 
  • NEVER trim aligners with scissors or nail cutter - nail file only if needed


Please refer to the Retainer Usage page for information regarding post-Invisalign care.