Porcelain Bridge

Dental BridgeA dental bridg is a great way to replace missing teeth. It is a permanent fixture which is anchored to the adjacent natural tooth or teeth (the abutment) to ‘bridge’ the gap where the tooth (or teeth) is missing (the pontic). This also prevents the adjacent natural teeth from drifting.

Dental bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth and restore the function and appearance of the missing natural teeth. Once placed, the dental bridge blends in well with surrounding teeth and allows you to chew and speak with confidence.


The Process

Bridges are typically placed in two office visits. During the first visit, the teeth on either side of the gap will be prepared for dental crowns, and an impression of the area will be made. You will wear a temporary bridge until your permanent bridge is ready to be placed. Once your bridge is ready, you will return for a second appointment to have the bridge bonded in place.

Porcelain Dental BridgePorcelain bridges are custom-made devices that are anchored to neighboring teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. While a bridge has many cosmetic and aesthetic advantages, there are also significant medical benefits gained by replacing lost teeth. Without an even biting surface, you can experience pain while speaking or chewing. Exposed gum sockets are also perfect places for bacteria and infections to thrive. Our doctors and lab technicians will carefully customize your dental bridge to ensure that it fits comfortably and securely.


For home care instructions please refer to our Post-Treatment Care page for Crown/Bridge.