About Frenectomy (Lip/ Tongue Tie Release)

WHAT is Frenectomy all about?

Tongue-tie, professionally known as Ankyloglossia - a congenital condition in which the lingual (tongue) and/or labial (lip) frenum (sometimes called frenulum) is too tight; causing restrictions in movement of these parts.

This in turn can cause significant difficulty with key functions of the mouth including speech, swallowing, eating and breathing. Tongue or Lip ties present in many different shapes and forms.

Most health professionals may only be familiar with very physically prominent, classic tongue-ties that end on the tip of the tongue or cause a heart-shaped tongue.

However, tongue ties can be deceptively hidden at the underside of the tongue at the base and cannot be easily visualized. These less obvious ties (often under the mucosa or skin) are called a posterior tongue tie.

Proper assessment and evaluation from a clinician or health care professional who is experienced with their identification is critical.

HOW is frenectomy carried out?
- using Waterlase iPlus

A frenectomy refers to the surgical removal/ freeing of the fold of skin under the tongue or the upper/ lower lip. Lasers are an excellent alternative to scissors or a scalpel as a means to treat soft tissue. In laser terms, the tissue is ablated. The use of lasers in surgery has a distinct advantage over other methods for a number of reasons including:

  • Reduced collateral damage (it is more precise, removing tissue layer by layer).
  • It is bactericidal (kills bacteria as it works)
  • Reduced discomfort/ pain during and after surgery
  • Reduced bleeding (cauterizes as it works)
  • Reduced edema (swelling) and inflammation after treatment
  • Allows for better healing through the concept of photobiomodulation [Low level Laser Therapy]