Lip and Tongue Ties Release - for Infants

In babies, tethered tissues can cause significant restrictions in the motion of the tongue and the position of the lips. This results in difficulties in breastfeeding which can be distressing for both mother and child. With tethered tissues, infants are prevented from drawing the nipple deep into the soft palate of the mouth for effective breastfeeding.

Tongue and Lip Tie Symptoms [For Mummies & Babies]

How is the procedure done? 

At DP Dental, Lip and Tongue Tie Release are performed using LASER - Waterlase iPlus (mainly with the Er-Cr:YSGG). It works by ablation, a process of vaporizing the tissue layer by layer and the risk of bleeding is reduced.

The effect of the laser reduces the risk of infection and has analgesic effects which reduces pain. Lasers can address both lip and tongue ties, including submucosal ties. The procedure requires no LA/GA and it is a relatively quick; procedure in the hands of an experienced and skilled provider. 

Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies immediately after.


Post-release care - WHAT to expect and NEEDS to be done? 

**Active Wound Management**

Manual Therapy and Retraining Exercises/ Breastfeeds following release of tethered tongue and lip assists in continuing to stretch and relax the tightened tissues of the mouth and to improve the dysfunctional acquired movement patterns associated with sucking, swallowing, speaking and breathing.

Active Wound Management take different forms in patients of different ages. 


The therapist/clinician will recommend some home exercises and continuous breastfeeding for parents to carry out to help with the muscle function rehabilitation process.

These encourage the activation of formerly inactive and weakened muscles and the relaxation of tightened over-active compensatory muscles. They allow the embedding of new patterns of movement and formation of new neural pathways for a new and complete way of functioning. 

With breastfeeding (on-going or not) infants, the release is only one aspect of the treatment. This is why, at DP Dental we work closely with Pediatricians, Lactation Consultants and Body-workers before and after the Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Release procedure to ensure that parents and infants receive the support needed as well as the necessary post-operative care.

If you suspect that your little one or any of your family and friends or even infant are suffering from the tongue and lip tie problem, please contact us at 6282 0122.