Performance Guard (AgilityGuard)


If your knees were out of alignment, your performance in almost any sport will be undermined. And you know that.

How about your hips?

Your spine?

Your balance?

Agility Guard

From Excellent to Extraordinary

"Balance is the ability to neutralize forces that would disturb equilibrium."

It could be said that the best athletes are always in control - emotionally or physically. Skills and techniques can only be maximized when the athlete has physical control. More specifically, balance and stability.

Every healthy adult has balance to some degree, the line that separates superiority from excellence lies in "how stable is your balance?"

Relationship between your bite and your balance

You would likely accept that a poorly aligned spine will affect your performance; but did you know that when your jaw is imbalanced, it can affect the alignment of your neck vertebrae, which leads to poor alignment down your spine?

There is a close relationship between your bite and the posture of your head and that of your entire body. An improper bite will lead to muscle imbalance. When your teeth are misaligned, they cannot provide enough muscle support in your face needed for chewing and swallowing. These muscles are then forced into a strained position which translates in discomfort throughout the face, head, arms, shoulders and back. Then, the muscles of your back and your neck – which in effect are your spine and its alignment – shift positions to compensate the unbalanced jaw.

Perfecting your Balance

Agility Guard

The AgilityGuard was developed from the concept of developing a neuromuscular bite. Our trained doctors will help you find the most natural, relaxed and balanced bite position using advanced technologies. Your relaxed bite position will be precisely recorded and made into a custom guard.

Precision in registering your most balanced bite is as important as striking the bull's eye. The leading dentist in the field of neuromuscular "bite" management, creator of the AgilityGuard, Dr. Clayton Chan, understands that there is an “optimized zone”  - to within less than a millimetre in most cases – within which performance is optimized. 

The Agilityguard will help your jaw stay in a physiologic rest position; muscular tension is released immediately and you can promote deeper muscles for explosive strength, muscle alignment, improved agility, balance and endurance. 

How the AgilityGuard works

The idea is simple. Ideal jaw position allows for optimal air passage, relaxation of neck and shoulder muscles, proper spine alignment and cushions against tension-induced clenching. Unlike the conventional sports mouthguard, which only serves to protect, AgilityGuard is a performance mouthguard that protects and boasts your performance.

The AgilityGuard improves your –

  • BALANCE Why struggle with improper posture and misaligned center of gravity? Improved balance and alignment can mean increased accuracy, and a more consistent, centered performance.
  • AGILITY Being more agile means having the ability to change the direction of the body effectively and efficiently. With improved balance, be prepared to move with quicker, easier grace.
  • Breathing Efficiency Proper jaw alignment allows for a fully open airway. A clear airway maximizes your energy intake. 
  • MENTAL FOCUS Focus is the ability to attend to internal and external cues in your attention field. When you clench comfortably on your custom AgilityGuard, breathing and balance comes more easily, giving you greater power to react to external cues.
  • ENDURANCE and RECOVERY In many of the endurance sports such as marathon or track cycling, focus and consistency is crucial to a steady and controlled delivery. With the AgilityGuard, your jaw will be set back into the same, perfect position with every move; relaxing your bite and deterring fatigue.
  • STRENGTH Strength training is an essential element of fitness for virtually every sports man and woman. Our testimonies often report experiencing greater core strength and explosive power.
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Dr. Clayton Chan developed a series of performance tests for wearers of the AgilityGuard; athletes show greater flexibility and a wider range of motion wearing their custom AgilityGuard compared to without.
  • SPEED Imagine always being one step ahead. Accelerating, reacting, and competing faster than before. Improve your overall speed and reaction time and you’ll improve the way you play. AgilityGuard gives you the explosive edge you’ve always wanted.
  • Reduce Injury The AgilityGuard corrects your body posture from the core, reducing the tendency of injury from poor alignment.

Is AgilityGuard for me?

Yes! No matter what your sport is, the technology behind AgilityGuard can help transform you from ordinary player to extraordinary athlete. And because of its customized nature, your very own AgilityGuard will be made with your needs in mind, be it for contact sports or non-contact sports.

Contact Sport Non-Contact Sport


Archery Sailing
Boxing Badminton Shooting
Football Biking Skiing
Hockey Bowling Snowboarding
Mixed Martial Arts Canoe Squash
Soccer Cricket Swimming
Taekwondo Darts Table Tennis
Water Polo Equestrian Tennis
Wrestling Fencing Track/Running
  Golf Volleyball
  Ice Skating Weightlifting


Types of Agility Guards