Obstructive Airway: Children's Headaches Unveiled

Our body is constantly being subjected to stress and strain. You know that we need to restore the balance and the function of the body, but what you may not know is that a large part of this balance comes from how your teeth mesh together, even for children.


When a child cannot breathe or chew properly, his or her head, neck and spine are thrown off balance, resulting in problems you may not attribute to a poor teeth to teeth relationship. Read on to understand how the forces of breathing, lips and cheeks, tongue, teeth and jaw joints come to play to cause a child headaches and tension pains.



children headache obstructed airway poor biteSo, what is the normal relationship of teeth, tongue and cheeks?


The normal way to breathe is through our nose. The normal resting position of our tongue is against our upper palate. In this position, the tongue pushes outward on the upper teeth while the cheeks and lip push inward, striking a balance and enabling our upper jaw to develop into a natural U-shape.


What could cause a deviation from this norm?

why do we get crooked teeth?


Breathing problem at a very young age due to environmental factors such as allergy cause many children to not be able to breathe through their noses, thus becoming mouth breathers. Mouth breathing causes the position of the tongue to deviate from it’s norm. As the tongue comes to sit lower in the mouth, we lose the outward pushing force that the tongue would otherwise naturally exert on our upper teeth, thus inward pushing from the lips and cheeks cause the upper jaw to become a narrow V-shape.


How does mouth breathing result in Temporomandibular (Jaw Joint) Disorder in children?

Mouth breathers, even part time ones, would develop a narrower upper jaw. This V-shaped narrow upper jaw cannot fit together properly with the U-shaped normal lower jaw, forcing the child’s lower jaw into abnormal positions within the temporomandibular (jaw) joints. Prolonged jaw joint inflammation may lead to headaches, neckache and other symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder, just like adults!


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