TENS Orthotic Guard - The Process

Re-establishing the Harmony in Your Body - Optimised Bite

TMJ TMD Treatment

In order to re-establish a natural, good-balanced bite, a dental appliance (Orthotic) will be fabricated by our doctors at DP Dental to physically restore the position where your lower and upper jaw meet to their most comfortable state. This appliance will be individualized to suit your bite situation and helps to keep the muscles of the face, jaw and neck in their most efficient state, which is a restful state..

The leading cause of jaw aches, headaches, neck and shoulder muscle pain is tension. Because of the unbalanced bite, your head, neck, shoulders and even your spine compromise their natural positions to accommodate your daily speech, chewing and swallowing functions. With the orthotic in place, the muscles will begin to relax and any inflammation in the jaw joint will begin to resolve.

The orthosis permits the jaws to come together in a muscularly healthy position, retraining the muscles to move along a more natural, muscularly oriented pathway into the new occlusion. Although the healing period varies from patient to patient, our patients often report experiencing significant symptom relief within a month of wearing their customized orthotic appliance.

The TENS-ing Process

Before our doctors can register your most natural bite position to fabricate your very own orthotic appliance, we have to relax your masticatory (chewing related) muscles. Even though you may not be consciously aware of it because your body has been coping with the unbalanced bite for so long, your masticatory muscles are likely to be in a state of hyperactivity, fatigue or in spasm.

Modern Gneuromuscular Dentistry utilizes Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) TENS therapy to relax the muscles of your head and neck and then measures muscle activity, jaw movements, and joint sounds with the Myotronics K7 Jaw Tracking Technology.


TENS Unit 

 (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an ultra-low frequency machine used to relax the facial muscles. The TENS unit electronically massages the muscles of the head and neck. During the 45-60 minutes relaxation phase, blood is once again allowed to flow through the fatigued muscles. As the blood flow increases, it brings oxygen, ATP (the energy molecule our body uses) as well as other nutrients. It also assists in removing toxins such as lactic acid which have built up, resulting in pain and poor function.

K7The Myotronics K7 is a computerized diagnostic tool that tracks the position of the jaw both at rest and in motion. The K7 Evaluation System, one of the most significant tools on Gneuromuscular Dentistry, is used to locate, within tenths of a millimeter, the proper position of the jaw so that your teeth function in the most relaxed and efficient position possible.

Establishing your new bite position - The road to better health

Following the TENS muscle relaxing procedure, our doctors will register your new-found relaxed, natural bite position. Together with the information obtained from the K7 computerized recordings of jaw movement and muscle function, and the registration of the new bite position, our doctors can request the specialized lab in Las Vegas, United States to construct a clear orthotic appliance (orthosis). It is prepared with detailed tooth anatomy to provide a stable biting position. The orthosis, commonly called a "splint," will fit comfortably over your lower teeth, providing support to re-establish the natural bite position during the day, and as protection against grinding and clenching at night.

We are here to support

As your muscles and jaw begin to relax with the help of your orthotic, you will find that the fit of the orthotic begins to change. This is normal; your body is getting used to the newfound posture. Finely tuned adjustments will be scheduled to help create a better muscular balance in the orthotic position. Most patients find their symptoms continue to improve as their muscular relaxation increases.