Tooth-coloured Fillings

dental composite shades white filling

Fillings are the most common type of ‘restorative treatment’. A filling replaces the part of the tooth that has been lost because decay has caused a cavity in the tooth or because the tooth has broken. At DP Dental, our doctors will restore the functionality of our patients' teeth with the aesthetically pleasing, tooth-coloured composite fillings.


What are composites?white filling dental composite teeth

  • Composite are commonly known as "white fillings". Composite is a tooth coloured material composed of glass particles suspended in a resin matrix. It is available in several shades to perfectly match your tooth.
  • Composites are bonded directly to your tooth which can help to support the remaining tooth structure.

How else is composite used?

  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth (diastemas)
  • Replace existing silver amalgam fillings
  • Reshape teeth



Alternatively, a ceramic inlay or onlay may be placed on teeth which have larger cavities, or if the patient has a heavy bite and show signs of grinding or clenching. The inlays and onlays provide more support for such teeth.